Sicma designs and manufactures a wide range of self-propelled and tractor-mounted harvesters in its own facilities, with powers ranging from 67 to 140 Hp, either equipped or not with reverse umbrella. The harvester kit can be coupled either on wheeled or tracked tractors as well as on different drive units (e.g. excavators, skid steers, telescopic handlers), thus completing the range of machines to best meet the harvesting needs at any latitude.

Recently, from Sicma’s experience in the mechanical harvesting of olives and hanging fruits and from the professionalism and reliability of DIECI handlers, a winning, versatile and effective technological combination was born. Exclusively, the Agri Farmer 30.7 and Mini Agri 26.6 handlers can be provided with the Sicma harvesting kit. Once harvest is ended, the telehandler can be coupled with the range of accessories offered by the Dieci company (e.g. forks, buckets etc.)

Advanced Technology for the Mechanical Harvest of Olive, Walnut, Almond and Hanging Fruits

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