Sicma (Società Italiana Costruzione Macchine Agricole) was founded in 1991, as a logical consequence of the experience of its founder in the field of the mechanical harvesting of olives. Sicma technology was then successfully tested and adopted for the harvest of walnuts, almonds, pecans, pine nuts, macadamia, sour cherry, etc.

The agronomic skills combined with knowledge in mechanic and hydraulic engineering, have led to the first harvesting kits coupled to tractors, later on implemented by the reverse umbrella for the end-to-end fruit harvesting process. After few years, Sicma designed and built the first specialized 3-wheel self-propelled units with the aim to optimize agility and power in any growing condition. Currently, the company is made up of distinct departments: administration, sales, design and technic, research & development, spare parts and post-sale assistance, metal carpentry, painting, assembly, mechanics and hydraulics.

Sicma’s staff is qualified, trained and constantly updated. Most of the members are involved in the Sicma team from the beginning.

Advanced Technology for the Mechanical Harvest of Olive, Walnut, Almond and Hanging Fruits

Innovation and Technology MADE IN ITALY

SICMA S.r.l. di Carchedi Francesco

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