Sicma technology is harvesting in over than 20 Countries, from Australia to Argentina, from Spain to Chile from Turkey to South Africa, through Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Tunisia etc., meaning quality, reliability and versatility, in any environmental condition, at any latitude.

Sicma harvesters claim the innovative New Generation Vibration System at high frequencies which ensures fruit abscission by peduncle torsion in a short time. The double speed and the bi-directional vibration sense guarantee maximum harvesting standard, effective even on small-fruit size genotypes. This allows up to 99 % of the fruit harvested according with genotype, fruit size and ripeness stage.

Sicma designs and manufactures 6 models of vibrating heads, different in weight, size and opening, although all of them characterized by the high vibration performance. The goal is to offer a wide range of technological solutions to be adaptable to several drive units to solve the harvesting problems in different growing conditions.

The vibrating heads, with the exclusive double jaws, were designed to best conform the natural development of the tree trunk and main scaffolds into the space. The self-centering system allows to tighten the wooden organs in a short time, even with imperfect alignment.

Moreover, the self-braking vibration peculiarity, reduces maneuver times.

Finally, the self-braking characteristic combined with patented rubber blends, dramatically reduce the potential risks of debarking.



Advanced Technology for the Mechanical Harvest of Olive, Walnut, Almond and Hanging Fruits

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