B411 Intensive is the compact self-propelled side-mounted trunk shaker specifically designed for the effective harvest of modern walnut, pecan, macadamia, almond and nut orchards. The B411 intensive has 4-wheel drive with the rear steering axle, which guarantee traction and agility in several environmental conditions. The lateral vibrating head (inclined by 45°) supported by the telescopic arm allows to shake the tree while the drive unit remains in the tree row, without manoeuvres to hook the trunk. This eliminates inefficiencies due to maneuvers and increases the number of trees that can be shaken per time unit (up to 5 trees per minute).

The B411 Intensive is also provided with frontal hydraulic brushes to remove the fallen fruits in front of the wheels, which are then cumulated in a single windrow.

The machine is equipped with a protective and molded structure that help to accompany the canopy (without damages) of the tree during the harvesting operations.

Among optional, the closed cabin with air conditioning ………..for a fresh harvesting experience


ENGINE: Diesel, KUBOTA V2607 (4 cylinders), Turbo Common Rail, STAGE V, (2.615 cm3 – 53,0 kW (72,1 HP) @ 2700 rpm), water cooled
CHASSIS: Monoblock in tubulars and sheets. Open cabin with protective roll-bars
TRANSMISSION: Hydrostatic, 4-wheel drive with rear steering axle
BRAKING SYSTEM: Hydraulic in negative
CONTROLS: Steering wheel, translation pedals and electro-hydraulic joystick
HYDRAULIC CIRCUIT: Closed hydraulic circuit composed by transmission pump, vibration pump, services pump, steering pump, brushes pump and electro-hydraulic valves. Closure pressure jaw valve
VIBRATING HEAD: New Generation at high frequencies, self-centring, self-braking. Two vibrating speeds
TIRES: BKT 26 x 12.00 – 12”


TOTAL LENGTH: 4.500 mm (extension arm retracted)
WIDTH: 2.460 mm (external distance between brushes)
CABIN HEIGHT: 1.900 mm
TOTAL WEIGHT: 3.450 kg

Photogallery B411 INTENSIVE

Videogallery B411 INTENSIVE

Advanced Technology for the Mechanical Harvest of Olive, Walnut, Almond and Hanging Fruits

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