Semi-trailed harvester for small to medium-sized harvesting needs of olives, walnuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios and other hanging fruits. It is connected to the tractor by the 3-point hitch system and operated by the PTO with an independent hydraulic circuit. The TR50 has a telescopic arm (double extension) supporting the New Generation Vibrating Head suitable for the harvest of tree trunks and/or branches of medium size, up to 5 m height. It requires a tractor of at least 60 Hp. The reverse umbrella cannot be coupled on this model.

Robust, simple and efficient, the TR50 is the professional kit to accomplish autonomously the harvesting needs …….


HOOKING & ACTUATION: 3-point hitch system and cardan power shaft (PTO 540)
TELESCOPIC ARM: Triplex with double telescopic extensions (2.000 mm)
ARM ROTATION: Both sides, at 42° respect to the longitudinal line
VIBRATING HEAD: New Generation at high frequencies, self-centring and self-braking. Two vibrating speeds
CONTROLS: Service hydraulic lever distributor with 7 levers 
HYDRAULIC CIRCUIT: Closed hydraulic circuit composed by vibration pump, services pump, heat exchanger and hydraulic steering support. Hydraulic oil tank separated from the tractor circuit


TOTAL LENGTH: 3.625 mm (centerwheel-extension retracted arm)
MAX HEIGHT: 4.500 mm (with extended arm)
MAX WIDTH: 2.250 mm
TOTAL WEIGHT: 1.648 kg

Photogallery TR50

Videogallery TR50

Advanced Technology for the mechanical harvest of olive, walnut, almond and hanging fruits

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